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All the needed exploded views to understand the construction of the EPOCH are available here. Check it out now.


Find out all the basic operations to set up your EPOCH. Barrel changing, air system, general configuration and electronic systems' tutorial included.


Precision craftsmanship and high-quality materials are used to meticulously craft Skout Airguns, ensuring exceptional quality.

Skout Airguns invites you to join our community and experience the thrill of shooting with confidence and precision. These products will boost your shooting experience, whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out.

With Skout Airguns, you'll experience unsurpassed quality, performance, and versatility.


We are airguns specialists and we have more than 12 years of experience in this market. Every day, we strive to meet and exceed the highest standards of our customers, and if something does not go as planned, we work to solve it right away!

We are official representatives of our favourite brands. We own and operate Our warehouse is in the European Union and we ship worldwide.

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