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All the needed exploded views to understand the construction of the EPOCH are available here. Check it out now.


Find out all the basic operations to set up your EPOCH. Barrel changing, air system, general configuration and electronic systems' tutorial included.


Barrel Related


SKOUT® EPOCH – Barrel Sleeve Swap

EPOCH is the only air rifle to offer three different compressions for each caliber, allowing the shooter to dial in the pellet to barrel fit for each projectile. In this video, SKOUT® Airguns covers how to switch between barrel liners within the same caliber.

SKOUT® EPOCH – 25″ to 35″ Barrel Change

The EPOCH is able to change from a 25″ (635mm) barrel to a 35″ (889mm) barrel in the same caliber in just a few minutes. This simple process makes the SKOUT® EPOCH one of the most versatile and user friendly airguns in the world.


Air System


SKOUT® EPOCH – Pump Arm Side Configuration

You can order your EPOCH configured for the cocking preference you choose, but switching is very simple. In this video, we demonstrate the process of switching your EPOCH air rifle from left-hand side cocking to right-hand side cocking, with minimal disassembly.


Air Rifle Configuration


SKOUT® EPOCH – Air Tank Fill

In this video, we cover the proper procedure for filling the air tank on your EPOCH air rifle. *Note – Each user should be properly trained before using any air station. Every fill station is slightly different, and the owner of each fill station is responsible for its safe operation. Use extreme caution when filling any air cylinder.

SKOUT® EPOCH – Loading Magazine

In this video we take an indepth look at loading the EPOCH air rifle’s magazine. Our magazine’s adjustable tension allows you to tailor the pressure on the pellet stack to maximize feeding, while minimizing deformation of a pellet’s skirt.


Electronics System


SKOUT® EPOCH – Powering On and Off

In this quick video you will learn how to switch on and off the EPOCH air rifle by following some simple instructions.

SKOUT® EPOCH – Programming Mode – Voice Off

In this video, we show you how to enter programming mode on your SKOUT® EPOCH air rifle. We also demonstrate how to change a setting by toggling the Speaker Volume setting (voice) to the OFF position – muting the voice prompts on the rifle in MATCH and LIMIT modes. The voice is off by default in HUNT mode.

SKOUT® EPOCH – Battery Charging + Palm Swells

Battery life for the SKOUT® EPOCH is incredibly long and will last thousands of shots. When the time comes to re-charge your battery this simple procedure will have you up and running again in no time. In this SKOUT® Airguns official technical video, we cover how to remove your grip to charge the EPOCH’s main battery or to change palm swells.